salt PIZZERIA, Parksville

The last post introduced you to the recently opened salt PIZZERIA.  Tonight we decided or pick up a pizza for dinner. Our neighbours, Dave & Sharon, reported to me that they had tried the pizza twice were impressed with the quality of the ingredients. So it was time to jump in. Besides, I had made lunch for friends today and didn’t want to cook again.

We ordered a CAPRICOSSA with artichokes, olives, mushrooms, ham and tomato sauce. In a word…DELICIOUS, The crust was truly thin crust, the way we like it and the topside was loaded with deliciousness. One pie was too much for us so there is a couple of slices for lunch tomorrow.

Based on our experience, we would recommend that you try salt PIZZERIA.  It is really good.  Eat in or Take Out.  250-586-2121 to order.

Just saying…

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