Qualicum Bay’s West Coast Food House.


There is a new restaurant in Oceanside, WEST COAST FOOD HOUSE! It’s on 19A in Qualicum Bay.  Our good neighbours, Dave & Sharon, reported that they had been and it needs to be on your ‘must try’ list. They chose the Prawns and Seafood Bowl which was loaded with muscles and delicious.

Dave & Sharon advise that it us run by the same folks who run the very successful TIDAL TACO SHACK. Here is a peek at part of the menu.


Seafood✔️Sliders✔️✔️Hot pot✔️❗️All sounds good to me.
Apparently this joint is very popular so reservations are recommended.
Check out their website at;


Photos from the website.  Looks pretty nice. Its definitely on our summer agenda! Maybe it will be on yours too.

Just saying…


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