Pub Mecca in Cedar

Well, this week we ventured back to Pub Mecca. We had something to do in Nanaimo and after that my car demanded that it take us to our all time favourite pub, the CROW & GATE PUB in Cedar. Can’t help it, the car just took us there.

If you gave not been to this Mecca of pubs, you need to go as soon as possible. The CROW & GATE PUB is an absolutely delightful place. It’s a real old English pub with low ceilings, beams, fireplaces, big bench tables and, most importantly, wonderful good. No fish and chips here though. No deep fat fryer, period. But the stuff they serve is delicious.

My favourite girls knows crab cakes. And she proclaims that these are amongst the best anywhere. Served with a bun and a wonderfully fresh salad they are unbeatable. Not too hungry? Try a half order. For me, the Beef Dip is contagious although I have tried the Reuben and the Steak and mushroom Pie. All are excellent. The salad that accompanies the Beef Dip is fresh and includes their in house salad dressing which is really wonderful.



Oh yes, they serve beer too! Of course, it’s an English Pub. Good selection and some nice wine too. Some people order a pot of tea which comes with a knitted Tea Cosy. Seriously. Who would order that?

There are two main rooms and two spots at the bar where you order. The food is delivered to your table. Run a tab? No problem. Half orders, no problem.

The staff are terrific too! Friendly, efficient and …attractive too.

At this time Of year one can take advantage of the fabulous outdoor garden with picnic tables and umbrellas. It is a special place to enjoy lunch.


One more thing. On Saturday nights they serve roast Prime Rib with Yorkshires, gravy and all the rest. We have had it. Excellent and substantial too.

We love the CROW & GATE PUB and if it was closer to home we would probably lunch there weekly.

One problem. The CROW & GATE PUB is really popular and busy. So plan to arrive by 1130 for lunch or wait until 2:15 or later to ensure you don’t have to wait for a table.

If you have a real or phoney English accent you will fit right in. When we visited this week almost everyone looked like they should have an English accent even if they didn’t.i

If you have not been, you really must go. It is just a great experience. Check out their web site;

Just saying…


One thought on “Pub Mecca in Cedar

  1. Sounds good Murph. We tried to go there once a few years ago on our way back from Victoria. Unfortunately we didn’t find it. We will try again sometime.



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