Quick Stop in Duncan

Recently, on the way to Victoria, we were caught in a traffic jam in Duncan. A Motorhome, a pickup and a small car were in an accident near the World’s largest Hockey Stick. Traffic crawled and when we finally broke free we decided early lunch at the newly reopened White Spot would do.

The Spot in Duncan burned to the ground a year or so ago but has been rebuilt is now open. Very nicely done, too. We headed right for the patio since it was a warm sunny day.  For us, the patio is always the first choice. OK, this one overlooks the parking lot but it is still a nice patio and there is something about outdoor dining that we love.

Our server was prompt, friendly, and efficient. My favourite girl chose the Nobashi Prawns, 6 large Panko dipped Prawns, which are supported by a Thai Style spicy dipping sauce. Me? Monty Mushroom Burger. 6 ounce patty, sautéed Mushrooms, Jack Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato with Triple O Sauce. Both items were delicious. Say what you want about the White Spot, they do manage consistency very well.

My first White Spot adventure was at the South Granville location in the summer of 1952. In the ensuing years I have managed to hit most of the locations. In working years the drive-in on West Broadway in Vancouver was a favourite. Have Fish & Chips in the car and the aroma of fries and vinegar lingers for days.

After being a steady customer for almost 60 years I can speak with a sense of authority on the White Spot. It’s good. Not gourmet, not fabulous, but good. No wonder they have survived in the restaurant business since the 1920’s.

If you are driving to or from Victoria and feel a little peckish, try the Duncan White Spot.

Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Quick Stop in Duncan

  1. White Spot, always reliable! My mom’s favourite restaurant: “Where would you like to go?” “Why don’t we try the White Spot?” Their legendary always good; so too is chicken pot pie, according to Mom. And the Broadway drive-in a favorite evening haunt in first year at UBC.


  2. Greetings from Sudbury…. We had a great visit in TO with Josee and Jackson although he was extremely busy wi a client…however….we saw them again at the wedding in Sudbury…sat together for the ceremony and dinner party…and even danced the night away! The following day we met again for breakfast at Holiday Inn and the Josee and Jackson were heading back to TO…a very whirlwind trip. Josee has her wedding dress…. Anyway…take care…all well with us…we leave for Nova Scotia on Thursday morning! Big hug, Carol


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