Brown’s at Uptown Mall, Victoria

Another car related trip to Victoria today and needing some mid day sustenance we turned into UPTOWN MALL to try out the Noodle Box. We had heard good things about it. But it was not to be because we saw BROWN’S SOCIAL HOUSE and there was a perfect parking spot at the front door.

We had not ventured into a Brown’s since moving to the Island so it seemed about time. This location is really nice with a large glass roofed patio which is open to the sides. There are some tall bar style tables , some regular ones and some low slung chairs around a firepit. Since it was 29C out we headed for the regular tables. It was a really cool place to nosh as a gentle breeze passed through.

Brown’s has a good menu with some interesting dishes. My favourite girl decided to order the blackened Chicken Cowgirl Salad while I thought the Wonton Soup with Noodles and Blackened Chicken was to my liking. Both were substantial and yummy. Here is the Wonton Soup.


Of course, Brown’s is similar to the Cactus Club in style and they do it well. Service was quick and friendly. The hostess and our server were charming.

Uptown Mall is worth a stroll around if you are going into Victoria. Some nice shops and eateries inhabit the mall and recently a WHOLE FOODS opened at one end.  Maybe you just need a latte? Starbucks is here, of course. Lots of Street and underground parking here too.

Both the mall and Brown’s are worthy of a visit. We liked it!

Just saying…

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