We commented on FRANJIEJO’S Bakery Cafe on their opening day in July but on a Costco run to Comox today we decided to revisit Steven & Carol and have lunch. Glad we did.

Who would think to put a slice of crispy pear in a sandwich? Carol, of course. Prosciutto, Brie, carmelized Onions, a slice of pear and some spinach in between two slices of her own Fig -Walnut Bread. Are you kidding me? This Sandwich was fabulous and only $8.75.  The bread was amazingly flavourful and worked so well with the other ingredients. If you wish, add a soup or salad or both

As expected, we engaged in lively repartee with Steven. When I suggested to him the wine list was somewhat wanting, ie., non existent, he said by the new year they may have a liquor licence. A chilled glass of Pinot Gris from a Vancouver Island winery would go well with many if their menu items. We look forward to it.

If you are in Courtenay/Comox and looking for an interesting lunch give Frankiejo’s a try. You will like this little joint. Here are today’s specials:


You can find them at 501 4th Street in downtown Courtenay. They are on Facebook too. Open Monday through Friday.


Just saying…

3 thoughts on “FRANKIEJO’s BAKERY CAFE

    • Hi Murph
      Donna and I are heading out to Vancouver in November. Any suggestions for culinary adventure in Vancouver ? Perhaps we can get together for dinner


  1. I like the sound of this place! See you tomorrow. We are at Granville Island Hotel right now…will be meeting the family at Bridges Restaurant tonight! Later we are off to Shebeem’s Whiskey House…well maybe most of us! Carol


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