The Black Goose

On Friday I met some pals for lunch at the BLACK GOOSE on Resort Drive in Parksville. It was not the first visit but the first lunch there in a long time. The former McClure house is a funky old building, quite charming with lots of classic wood paneling. It seems like a pub and acts like a pub but it’s not a pub. It’s a restaurant masquerading as a pub.

The menu is loaded with items that you would expect to find in an English Pub. Fish & Chips, meat pies, bangers and mash etc. They also feature a good range of beer. My choice for lunch was a Steak & Mushroom Pie, a small one, which was delicious. To wash it down I enjoyed an Erdinger no alcohol beer probably the best one yet. On other visits I have enjoyed the Fish & Chips and the Hamburger. All good. You can perouse the menu here:

In true English Pub style you place your order at the bar and the food is delivered to your table.
In the summer a large outdoor area is available too. Lots of parking in front.


The Black Goose is not my favourite pub but it is pretty darn good. If you have not been you really should try it out.

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