Its summer, time for some good ice cream!  What better spot to try some than Billy Gruff’s Ice Cream Parlour in Coombs. It’s the big building with the huge patio on your left as you drive into the Coombs multiplex. Definitely worth a visit on a sunny afternoon.

We stopped by today to try their Gelato. They only have 24 flavours. It is available in a cone or in a cup with a spoon. We chose the latter option. She chose Terimisu and white chocolate mint.  Mine was key lime and white chocolate raspberry.  Both choices were delicious.  I know because I had mine and some of hers too.



The Gelato is really good. Maybe not as good as this place in San Gimignano in Tuscany but still good.


If you don’t fancy Gelato, they do have 25 flavours of ice cream too. And about 8 flavours of Sorbetto. Try it out in Coombs. Lovely patio too.

They do an amazing business at the Coombs Ice Cream Parlour. It must be a huge profit centre for them. So head on up there and help out their bottom line!


Just saying…

3 thoughts on “ICE CREAM OR GELATO

  1. Its nice to know that gelato is finally making its way into this part of the world. Now we won’t have to take a trip half way around the world for a “fix.” Actually, we will still go half way around the world, but we can get some fixes in between.



  2. Been there many times last summer. Glad to know it is open for the season. Have you Ever had an affrogato? It is gelato with an espresso poured over it but not too much as It gets pretty soupy. Lorna

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