It must be the single biggest event every year in Qualicum Beach. The Seaside Cruizers Father’s Day Car Show. It is spectacular, particularly if you are old and can remember when these restored beauties were new. 600 cars angle parked on the streets of downtown Qualicum Beach is quite a sight to see. 

Getting smarter in my old age, my brother and I decided to get there at 0800 when it officially opened. Good plan. Got a parking spot on the street a block from the show. It was still cool and very few spectators had arrived so we enjoyed strolling up and down checking out the cars. Model T Fords from the 1920’s,  Model A Fords from the same era. 32 Fords, quite a few. Fords from the 1940’s and right up to late model Mustangs. 


A 4 Door McLaughlin Buick looking like it just emerged from the showroom. Cadillacs, Corvettes, Shelby Cobras, and lots of Chevys from the  the 40’s 50’s. & 60’s. Some mostly stock. Some highly modified.  An amazing number a Chevelles.  There were even a few VW Bugs and a 1930’s Mercedes convertible that I expected to see Hitler himself in the back seat. 


There were some vintage ‘WOODIE’ station wagons, some sweet Pick Up Trucks and even a rare Auburn Boat Tail Roadster.


There were also quite a number of the category I do not like, the RAT RODS.  Don’t get it at all.  

There was live and recorded Music, Food vendors and more. 

Observation 1.  Almost all these cars are owned by men over aged 60. 

Observation 2.  Some guys have a lot of cash invested in these machines.

Observation 3.  The is show is really well organized. 

Observation 4.   The whole show is FREE!  

If you didn’t go or have never been, do it next Father’s Day. But a tip from me…go early when it is cool and not crowded. We drove by at 1:30 and Second Avenue was jammed with people. 

Great event for Qualicum Beach!  Congratulations to the organizers. 

Just saying…

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