Morningstar is Back!

As you may know Morningstar Golf Course  in FRENCH CREEK has been experiencing financial problems and,  as a result,  the restaurant has been closed for a while.  Good news! The course is now in receivership and the facilities have reopened.

We tried the Friday Night Fish & Chip special with friends last week and we were pleasantly surprised. The fish was very tasty with a very light batter perfectly done. Excellent and plentiful fries too. I liked the Tartar Sauce & the Cole Slaw although the latter was a pretty stingy serving. Two of the ladies at our table ordered the Thai Salad that also was well received. We thought the prices were pretty reasonable,  too.

The service was prompt and friendly and a tableside chat with the Manager was informative.

Good food, pleasant casual atmosphere, and close to home for us. We will be back.


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