Radio has always been a source of pleasure for me. Before Television we listened to shows like The Inner Sanctum, Sky King, The Lone Ranger & other’s. In my late teens I started tuning in Talk Radio starting with the famous Pat Burns on CJOR Vancouver.  Later it was Webster, Bannerman and eventually Rush Limbaugh.  As a salesman a lot of time was spent in my car and radio was a great companion. 

In this new digital world there are even better radio options. On an smart phone or iPad one can download an APP called TUNEIN RADIO. It can connect you to pretty much every radio station in the world, live. It’s fantastic.  If I wake up early in the morning I stick an earphone in my iPhone and listen to all manner of programming. 

A more recent discovery for me is the PODCAST. Podcasts  can be downloaded to your phone, tablet and computer and cover an amazing range of subjects. On The TUNEIN Radio App, one can browse the podcasts. It might be commercial free replays of talk radio shows or something on a variety of other topics. News & Politics, Comedy, History, Food and Cooking, Sports, Philosophy, Paranormal & Music. 

On the food list is the Bon Appetit Foodcast, Canadian Beer podcast and the Wine Cellar.  All available to download for free. How about old broadcasts of SHERLOCK HOLMES mysteries with Basil Rathbone? Or perhaps BOSTON BLACKIE, DRAGNET or Roy Rogers. All there, all free. 

Maybe you want to really learn something in addition to being entertained. Try the 20+ episodes covering the Fall if the Roman Empire. 

Can’t find anything worth watching on TV?  Try a podcast. 

Just saying…

One thought on “PODCASTS

  1. Maybe you have to be of an age to appreciate radio the way we do. Several generations have missed the magic experience of lights out but a ghost story on — on the radio of course… and imagining your own pictures to go with the tale.
    Still a great companion for news, talk and music.


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