Brisket Burger

White Spot have been hyping their new BRISKET BURGER and last week I had a chance to try one. I love brisket and I love burgers. What could be the downside?

Well, the price for starters. $18.99 for a burger and some fries is a little steep even if it’s great. The Brisket Burger was good but not any better than a White Spot Legendary. My advice. Give it a pass. If you really want brisket try the Texas BBQ truck on the Coombs Highway or Smokin George’s BBQ joint on Mostar Road in Nanaimo.

Just saying…

One thought on “Brisket Burger

  1. Hey Murph:

    You make my mouth water at the thought of brisket. Years ago when my office was downtown there was this little hole in the wall take out deli place just a few doors in from the corner of Nelson and Granville. The place was operated by an older European couple and their lunch sandwiches were to die for. Each day they had a special and about once a week it was brisket on a kaiser bun. The servings were both copious and delicious. One of their other specials was schnitzel on a kaiser. All of their food was prepared by them and wonderful!




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