Sailing South

Seven days ago 33 high tech sailboats began the Vendée Globe Around the World Sailing Race.  Already the lead boats are off the coast of Africa sailing in good winds and warm weather. Englishman Alex Thomson on HUGO BOSS is in the lead making speeds of over 20 knots. He sailed over 380 nautical miles in 24 hours. Chasing him in second place is Frenchman Jean Le Cam on YES WE CAM.  

Late in the week the boats made it through a pretty serious storm. The Japanese boat tore its mainsail and the skipper is trying to make repairs to it now. With warmer weather the sailors are getting some sun, enjoying a good meal, showering, and making repairs to the gear as needed. With the wind behind them live is easier. One skipper reported that he slept for seven hours last night. That’s the beauty of a good autopilot.

Jérémie Beyou on CHARAL is back in Les Sables d’Olonne surveying the serious damage to his boat and decoding if it can be fixed fast enough to rejoin the race. He is a week behind the fleet so it’s unlikely he will restart. 

Here is an interesting article about a husband and wife who are competing in this race.

One week of sailing. One week of adventure. Only 22,400 nautical miles to go. 

Just saying…

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