Sprint to the Finish.

About 4 days and 1400 nautical miles to go in the epic Vendée Globe Solo Sailing Race. At least for the top 6 boats. APIVIA, skippered by Charlie Dalin is leading, followed by Louis Burton on BUREAU VALLEE ll,  who is just 34 miles  behind.  On board SEA EXPLORER, German skipper Boris Hermann is 3rd, just 60 miles from Dalin and Thomas Ruyant on LINKED OUT is still a strong contender in 4th, 91 miles back as these boats approach the Azores. 


Theoretically any of the top 6 could win this race.  Jean Le Cam on Yes we Cam is is in 8th 380 miles from 1st but he has a 10 hour credit as a result of taking time out of the race to rescue Kevin Escoffier, whose boat sank in early December south of Capetown. That 10 hours is likely the equivalent of about 150 miles. So Le Cam is still a contender. 

The last boat in the fleet, skippered by Ari Huusela of Finland has yet to Round Cape Horn. He has 7800 miles to go to the finish. 

The next few days will be exciting to watch. Stay tuned. 

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