Vendée Globe Winners

Yesterday, January 27, 2021, Charlie Dalin on APTIVIA was the first across the finish line in Les Sables-d’Olonne on the west coast of France. 80 Days, 6 hours, 15 minutes overall time. BUT, Dalin did not come first. Yannick Bestaven on MAÎTRE COQ IV crossed second but was granted a 10 hour 15 minute time allowance for his efforts to assist in the rescue of Kevin Escoffier. So Bestaven’s official time was 80 days 3 hours 44 minutes for First Place. In third place with 80 days 10 hours 25 minutes was Louis Burton on BUREAU VALLÉE 2. All three skippers are French.

So 80 days at sea, alone, covering 29,000 nautical miles (33,372 land miles or more than 53,000 kilometres). Dalin averaged an extraordinary 15.13 Knots! In a 60 foot sailboat, alone. 

7 boats have now crossed the finish line with 18 more still in the race. The last placed boat still has 6800 miles to go. 

An amazing race. I’m not sure if the skippers are courageous or crazy. What an adventure!

Here are the top three.

4 thoughts on “Vendée Globe Winners

  1. That is amazing that the first three finishers were so close in time after such a long distance. Also pretty cool that the guy who did the right thing and helped an opponent in need still managed to finish first on corrected time.



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