First Woman to Finish

Six courageous women started the Solo Vendée Globe Around the World Sailing Race in November. Four of the Six are still in the race and crossing the finish line today 9oin a very credible 12th place is French Woman Clarisse Cremer on BANQUE POPULAIRE X. Quite an accomplishment for the 31 year old who only started competitive sailing about 6 years ago. Her time was 87 days, 2hours, 24 minutes. 

Women still in the race are Pip Hare in 20th, Miranda Merron in 23rd, and Alexia Barrier in 24th. Samantha Davies dropped out for repairs near Capetown and has continued to sail the route but is no longer in the race. Isabelle Joschke had severe damage to her rudder and sought safe harbour in Brazil. 

Next boat across the finish line will be Jérémie Beyou on CHARAL in 13th. He has 800 miles to go. 

Just saying…

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