Food on Prime Video

If you are a foodie or a home chef or just like cooking shows there are a few series available on AMAZON PRIME VIDEO  that you might enjoy. We are at our home. If you don’t have access to Prime Video you are out of luck. 

My favourite Chef is Jacques Pepin and his series, HEART & SOUL was filmed in 2015. There are 26 episodes to enjoy and they are delightful. If you like French cooking you will love this show. Pepin makes cooking look easy.

The Late Anthony Bourdain produced two series, THE LAYOVER and NO RESERVATIONS. In THE LAYOVER, Bourdain visits various cities for 24-48 hours and highlights the culinary specialties of each city. Among our favourites are his visits to Rome, London, Paris, New Orleans & Montreal, but they are all worth watching. 20 episodes in all. If you have been to some of the cities you will find it all the more interesting and you will wish you had watched the show before you went. Look what you missed! 

Bourdain’s other series is NO RESERVATIONS,  32 episodes find Tony in more unusual places like Cambodia, Haiti, Croatia and Mozambique. These are part travelogue, part foodie and all quite fascinating. 

Finally, there is a series featuring British Chef Rick Stein and his quest for the perfect curry in India. 6 episodes so far. We thoroughly enjoyed the first one. 

Food and travel make for great entertainment. 

By the way we would also recommend a couple of books. 

*The Apprentice, my Life in the Kitchen by Jacques Pepin 

*Kitchen Confidential By Anthony Bourdain. 

As Pepin always says…HAPPY COOKING!

Just saying…

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