Qualicum Beach Cafe

Although the restaurant in the Qualicum Beach Inn had reopened a while ago under new ownership, we had yet to visit. Now known as the Qualicum Beach Cafe, it’s owned and managed by the same folks who run the Water Street Cafe in Vancouver’s Gastown which has been a very successful eatery for many years. Since my digital media son from Toronto was here we decided to try the Qualicum Beach Cafe on Friday night. 

From the first greeting from the hostess when we arrived the service was excellent. The atmosphere is great and the food met our high expectations.  We shared an order of Calamari, the best I’ve had for ages. Tender with crispy batter and some sliced Jalapeño Peppers included which gave the dish a nice little kick. 

The Media Mogul ordered the Steak Fritte. Consider that in another life he cooked steaks at the KEG Restaurant to pay for college, so he knows Steak. This Steak was perfectly cooked medium rare and came with a spicy dipping sauce and perfect fries which also had a touch of heat.

My choice was the Seafood Gnocchi. It included salmon, Shrimp & tiny Scallops. The sauce was simply amazing and the dish was beautifully presented. I would order it again. 

Since son Jackson and I had consumed numerous Creme Brûlée’s on a trip to Normandy 15 years ago, that was our choice for dessert. Alas, they were out of their Banana Creme Brûlée so offered a tart that we shared. It was chocolate with perfect pastry. So good. 

Of course, the guy from Toronto chose the wine, an expensive French Pinot Noir that was the perfect choice. The food is a bit pricey but not too bad. Gnocchi was $22, the Steak $34. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to the Qualicum Beach Cafe and will return. Great atmosphere, great service, great food. A perfect place for a special occasion. You can check out the menu at https://www.qualicumbeachcafe.com/main-menu. By the way their on line reservation system is the best I’ve ever used. 

And he paid. 

Just saying…

4 thoughts on “Qualicum Beach Cafe

  1. Hello Terry,

    What a great recap on your dinner with Jackson!

    I laughed at the expensive wine bit….we find that too when we are with them! Haha

    Crème brule is my all-time favourite dessert…so few places serve it. I have not had the banana one!

    We will have to try this place another time when we are up island!

    Terry, don’t forget to let us know if you are coming to Victoria anytime. You have served us lunch so many times it would be nice to return the favour!

    Big hug, Carol


  2. So great to have had Jackson with you this week. And anytime is great when “he paid”! Thank you, Jackson, for being such a great son! Qualicum Beach Cafe sounds great too! We’ll try it next time we are with you and WE will pay. Love always! Marilyn & Phil


  3. Qualicum Beach Cafe sounds like a great find! We are so often disappointed by restaurants so look forward to trying it out. Wonderful to have your son, Jackson home and even better that he chose the wine and paid. Mary-Ann & Gary


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