New in Schooner Cove

Last week, I met some old boating pals for lunch at SEASCAPES, a new joint in Schooner Cove. What a pleasant surprise. It’s on the site of the old pub but I think the building was gutted then rebuilt. 

Seascapes is quite stunning inside.  Very spacious, very modern. Big windows with a view over the marina and beyond. One area has a cosy fireplace with seating in front. There is also a very nice bar area. 

The menu is very good with everything from Burgers to Seafood to Pizza. I opted for the Saltspring Mussels & Fries. The mussels were fabulous although the serving of fries was a bit wanting. A couple of the guys ordered burgers and their fries were cold. Eventually, two complimentary big bowls of hot fries arrived at the table. Seascapes has not been open for long and are still having some teething problems. 

Our server was a delightful gal named Mandy. She was really charming, friendly and efficient. She even took our photo. 

I liked Seascapes and will return. You may want to also. Open Wednesday thru Sunday for lunch & dinner.  Reservations are a good idea. You can reach them at +12504680780. Check out their website at where you can scan the menu. 

Just saying…

2 thoughts on “New in Schooner Cove

  1. This looks like our kind of place. We have another couple that we have “Mystery” lunches with once a month and this will fit the bill. Last month we went to the restaurant at Mill Bay Marina and this looks like a similar vibe. I am really enjoying your reviews, we are going to be boating again this summer so are making a list of great restaurants near marinas.


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