Chowder near Comox

In 10 plus years on the Island I’ve probably driven past the KINGFISHER RESORT in Royston just south of Courtenay, a hundred times but for some reason have never stopped.  Perhaps the timing was wrong, wasn’t hungry, needed to get to Costco? However, yesterday after cutting a swath through said Costco my friend Sheila suggested lunch at the KINGFISHER. 

We chose to sit in the AQUA bar at a delightful window table with a view out to sea with Comox in the background. It’s a charming cosy sort of bar with just a few tables and seating also at the bar.  Service was prompt and very friendly and we ordered drinks, Haywire Pinot Gris from Summerland for her, a local Beer For me. 

After touring menu we both decided that the Seafood Chowder would be worth trying. What a perfect choice. The Chowder included, shrimp, clams, mussels, and fish in a really creamy delicious semi thick broth. Oh so good! Absolutely one of the most delicious chowders I’ve enjoyed. Kudos to the Chef. We agreed that we needed the recipe but at least would try and replicate the chowder at home. Asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu I simply asked if they had Creme Brûlée.  They did. So we shared a better than good beautifully presented Creme Brûlée. It’s a dish I’ve had many times in many places and I’ve never met one I didn’t like.

Our server was a lovely lady who hails from Melbourne, and who has fallen in love with Vancouver Island. The service was friendly and very efficient, always a plus for me. Prices are what one expects in a good hotel, but not bad. 

The KINGFISHER RESORT looks like great place for a weekend getaway.  Some of the features include a Spa, a Hydrotherapy Walk, a beautiful Courtyard and Outside Sky Dome dining pods complete with romantic lighting, candles and cosy blankets. Perhaps a special event would work here. Birthdays, Anniversaries! Yes! 

The KINGFISHER RESORT web site is 

Lots of info and photos. Worth a look.

We liked this Resort and will be back.

Just saying…

3 thoughts on “Chowder near Comox

  1. We may have to try it sometime Murph. I am a sucker for good seafood chowder. Sounds like you and Sheila had a nice day.




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