Concert at St Andrew’s Lodge

At the Northwest end of Qualicum Beach is a beautiful parcel of land that was formerly the site of St Andrew’s Lodge, a facility that opened in 1938. It included a home a and some small cottages designed and built by Simon Muir Little, a local architect. St. Andrews welcomed guests for more than 80 years. Little’s daughter Elizabeth ran the lodge into her 80’s. After the lodge closed the St Andrew’s Historical & Cultural Society was formed to preserve the lodge. The cottages are gone but they plan to restore the lodge to its original beauty.  

As a fund raiser, last night they held a concert. Featured was the ISLAND BRASS QUINTET, a wonderful group comprised of two Trumpets, a Trombone, a French Horn and a Tuba. The Tuba is played by an old classmate and friend from Nanaimo, Bruce Roberts, who, at 82 continues to amaze me with his musical talent. 

The group played two sets which included tunes line ‘Ain’t Misbehaving’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘It’s a Wonderful World’ ( featuring a fabulous Trombone Solo). The group ended the night with ‘Jada’.  A superb concert that was certainly enjoyed by the audience who were sitting on the lawn with their portable chairs. The weather cooperated, too.  

The Island Brass Quintet are playing several concerts in the Nanaimo area over the summer. If you get a chance to hear them, please take it. You will not be disappointed. 

The crowd of a couple of hundred donated their admission which raised $3000 for the society. 

Great music, great fund raiser! 

Just saying…

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