Victoria’s Il Terrazzo

This week, I pointed the Acura towards Victoria with the primary goal of replenishing my supply of Dutch Bakery Meat Pies, a favourite since 1956.  Alas, I was to be denied said bundles of deliciousness. The bakery was closed for staff vacation! Who closes in July? Apparently the Dutch Bakery. 

But we decided to continue the trip and perhaps do a little shopping which was a success. We had a nostalgic drive around some old parts of the city and eventually headed for an early dinner at IL TERRAZZO, that wonderful Italian joint in a little alley just off lower Johnson Street. 

It has been several years since I was last there and about 25 since Sheila had been. She told our waiter saying he was probably just a kid last time she was there. He said, “No I’ve been here for 27 years”. Speaks well for a restaurant. 

The place is delightfully funky. Indoor, covered outdoor sort of patio. Lots of old brick, plants and fireplaces. We were seated at a table for two right beside a fireplace. Perfect. Our Waiter, Neil, and the rest of the staff were outstanding. Knowledgable, courteous, and really efficient. 

We shared a wonderful CEASAR Salad. Sheila opted for the MELANZANE Al FORNO, a delicious dish of eggplant , mushrooms, garlic, cheese in a tomato sauce over folded pasta. 3 days later she is still raving about it. For me it was the Calamari. it was like a Squid Steak, lightly breaded and served with Chorizo, roasted peppers, tomatoes with Polenta. Delicious. We didn’t need it but since I’ve never met a Creme Brûlée I didn’t like, we shared one. It was good but no better than my homemade, says he modestly. 

Il Terrazzo is a gem. A must go. If you have never been, put it on your bucket list. Reservations are absolutely a must as they are always busy. Their on line reservation system is the best I’ve ever used, by the way. Plan ahead or you just won’t get in. Open for dinner only from 4.  

You can check out the menu and reserve here.

Great decor, great food, great service. We love Il Terrazzo. 

Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Il Terrazzo

  1. Hello Terry!

    I love Il Terrazo… is one of my favourite places…..I had booked for Sunday evening at 5pm for Norm’s birthday but sadly he wasn’t feeling well enough to go so I had to cancel, but we will go another time later in the summer.

    I especially love the atmosphere…the large paintings, the colourful flower arrangements…it has character and the menu items are delicious!

    So glad you got to experience it too!

    Make sure to add 4040 on your next Victoria road trip!

    I am off to Sudbury Tuesday…for one week! Norm and I go to TO July 29-31 then on to Ottawa!

    Big hug, Carol


  2. One of our “special date” restaurants. They just know how to do it all just right, amazing food, great staff and ambiance galore. Hugs MAT


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