Lunch at Unsworth.

It’s always a good time to visit a winery on Vancouver Island.  A one day tour in the Cowichan Valley is a great way to enjoy several wineries and some very good wine. However, yesterday, we visited only one.  After picking up old friends from Ontario at the Departure Bay Ferry we headed south to UNSWORTH VINYARDS in the Cobble Hill area near Shawnigan Lake, about an hours drive. 

We arrived just in time for our reservation on the Patio at the Unsworth Restaurant. It was perfect but for a cool breeze that required sourcing some blankets from our server. A litre of UNSWORTH 2020 PINOT GRIS was ordered and apparently it came right from a cask, not yet bottled. It was delicious. The menu is limited but the offerings are wonderful. Sheila ordered the House Salad which was both tasty and visually beautiful. Included in it was Yellow Zucchini, beautiful Radish Fans and Almonds with a local cheese, HALTWHISTLE. Our friend Ruth chose the Clam Chowder and after hearing about the special my friend Bob and I abandoned the Burger and chose the Pasta Special. Fettucini with chicken and lobster mushrooms in a fabulous creamy sauce.  It was good! Their Fries looked inviting so an order was placed to share. Here are some food photos. 

House Salad
Fettucini Special

The litre of wine seemed to disappear, perhaps evaporation, so a half litre was dispatched to the table. We all enjoyed the food, the wine and the service. Very friendly and efficient. If you are thinking of noshing there, make a reservation on line as this place is busy. They are open for lunch and dinner Wednesday to Sunday. 

After lunch we spent some time in their Tasting Room sampling another Pinot GRIS and the Rose. Purchases were made. Unsworth has a charming tasting patio beside a pond, a spot you might enjoy for a few samples. Or, knock yourself out and sit in the sun and swill down a whole  bottle. 

UNSWORTH VINYARDS is one of the few wineries with a restaurant and we can highly recommend it ! 

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One thought on “Lunch at Unsworth.

  1. Murph, you are going to have to start hiring a (sober) driver if you keep up the touring pace around the wineries. Sounds good and very enjoyable.



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