Every once is a while an unexpected good thing happens and this week was one of those times. I had an amazingly good experience with a service provider.

A few weeks ago my right front wheel came into violent contact with a bike lane curb in Vancouver. My beautiful Alloy Wheel was torn asunder. I thought it was possibly un fixable. After getting a quote on a new wheel from the local Acura dealership. Yes they are available at $685 installed. Yikes. Repair must be an option. 

Here is the damaged rim.

On line I found ALLOY WHEEL REPAIR a Vancouver based company. They advised that they had a mobile guy on the island and gave me his contact number. I called and made an appointment. He said they will come to your home but not to a townhome. Too many noise complaints. So I met the truck beside the Toyota store in Nanaimo. 

What a great experience! A very pleasant young man, Hayden Barnes met me at the truck. In seconds the car was jacked up and the wheel was off. It’ll take about an hour said Hayden. While I went for a walk while Hayden ground the rim, primed it, painted it (He had the matching paint) dried the paint and reinstalled the wheel. 65 minutes! $150!  PERFECT JOB.! 

Finished product

Need a wheel fixed? I sure do recommend ALLOY WHEEL REPAIR. What a great service! 

Just saying…

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