In a previous blog I mentioned that we had seen some good looking Tacos at the KINGFISHER RESORT near Courtenay. Well yesterday we visited the Kingfisher bar with friends who were visiting us from Victoria. 

The Bar at the Kingfisher is a nice modest size and our table had a beautiful view out to the water. We like this bar. And conveniently it’s on the way to or from Costco in Comox. 

Our server was a delightful young lady who recently moved to the island from Kamloops and her service was friendly, fun and prompt. Sheila ordered the Cauliflower Tacos which were surprisingly delicious and were served up with a side salad. Your scribe chose the Ahi Tuna Tacos with a side of excellent fries. The Tuna was raw cubes, sashimi style and was also delicious. If you are in the area and feel peckish you can’t go wrong with either of these Tacos. 

Cauliflower Tacos.

Ahi Tuna Tacos

My friend of 77 years, Mike, ordered the Chicken Rice Bowl. Wow! It was fabulous with 5 pieces of fried chicken over rice and shredded carrot. We all had a taste. Next time I’ll try it ! Our guest Alice had the Humboldt Squid which is always good. 

Chicken Rice Bowl

We washed it down with a bottle of UNSWORTH Pinot GRIS. From Cobble Hill and always satisfying. 

The KINGFISHER RESORT is a great place to stay but also a terrific place for lunch. It’s right on 19A near Royston.

Treat yourself to lunch one day!

Just saying…

3 thoughts on “MORE GOOD TACOS

  1. The Kingfisher never disappoints. The cauliflower tacos sound great and would be a nice share with the chicken bowl. After seeing your last taco post I have been digging up tortilla recipes and am trying to perfect them. Any great tortilla recipes to share? I still haven’t come up with a recipe that is “company ready”.


  2. Murph ,
    To say you have a way with words is a gross understatement. Reading your food excursions comments, makesn me salivate every single time. It’s most enjoyable to read but also very annoying. Here I am, stuck in Ottawa. The Ottawa River isn’t exactly known as a fish heaven.
    Nonetheless it’s nice of you to offer up very valid opinions for those closer to you.


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